Friday, February 10, 2017

Jam-Packed Wellman Weekend

My cute Grandpa Wellman died on January 29th, 2017. His funeral happened to fall on the same weekend as my niece Kaitlyn's wedding to Travis Henriod, which I had already made plans to attend. And since so many of our family were planning on traveling to Phoenix for these events, we threw together some plans to have a baby shower for my lil sis Shana who was pregnant with her first (a daughter). Since Mark's wife Laura was also pregnant at the time, we kinda made it a double baby shower...and we did this all in three days. You can imagine how busy we were, how many loved ones I got to hug, and how wonderful it was! Mom, Lisa and I shared a hotel room and a rental car and had a ball. Grandpa's funeral was a much-needed reunion with my darling Wellman cousins and our wonderful Grandma Dorris. I was happy for Grandpa to have a rest - he had lived a long long time and had become frail and forgetful. I love the thought of him being reunited with Grandma Norma. I barely knew her, but I've always loved her. I'm sure my dad was happy to see him too. Grandpa was a fun friend - always joking and laughing. He showed love by teasing and tickling and hugging. I'll never forget when he asked me to dance at my wedding and said something serious for once. He cried and thanked me for holding his hand and staying with him at grandma's funeral. I was a little girl then, 6 yrs old, but I remember that, and I'm so glad he remembered too.

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

6 Super Kids

Here are my cool kids doing what they do...gasping for oxygen on the moon at the Cosmosphere, befriending the neighborhood stray cat, snuggling up at a chilly scout meeting, playing school in the loft, building dinosaur forts and constructing crazy crafts. Mae has taken a liking to purses and jewelry and baby dolls and bouncy balls and is climbing up on EVERYTHING. And Liam earned a date with mom and dad and his own giant ice cream sundae.
These kids make life so great!