Tuesday, January 31, 2017

6 Super Kids

Here are my cool kids doing what they do...gasping for oxygen on the moon at the Cosmosphere, befriending the neighborhood stray cat, snuggling up at a chilly scout meeting, playing school in the loft, building dinosaur forts and constructing crazy crafts. Mae has taken a liking to purses and jewelry and baby dolls and bouncy balls and is climbing up on EVERYTHING. And Liam earned a date with mom and dad and his own giant ice cream sundae.
These kids make life so great!

Monday, January 16, 2017

Colby's 12th Birthday

Oh, I love this boy! He could not wait to turn 12 because he was so eager to receive the Priesthood and start passing the sacrament like his big brother. Colby has the most pure heart...so full of righteous desires. He never fails to please his parents and his Heavenly Father. He got a fancy watch and new suit for his birthday and he looked SO handsome in them. He was stuck inside for this birthday but at least he had lots of loved ones to keep him company.

Friday, January 13, 2017

Ice Storm Visitors

Can you believe these guys (Chrysta, Eden, Margot, Michael and Shana)? Braving the January weather in Kansas to come see us?! And Kansas was not kind...a good old ice storm set in almost immediately after their plane landed. But I was not complaining! I can't think of a cooler crew to be stuck indoors with! The girls and I snuck in some lunch and pedicures before we were quarantined to the house, but after that, all we could do was paint and play freeze dance and watch movies. And we played the most rousing game of charades in all of human history, thanks to my bright idea to let Colby make up all the items to act out. We were acting out the weirdest things, like "murder Hanna" and "hug like you're dying." Later we had to make up our own church meetings because church was canceled for the storm. Here are some pics of the redecorating I did to get ready for company. Liam and Reed's room is now the best in the house.

One of the biggest perks of this visit was having some awesome aunts and uncle in town for Colby's birthday. Chrysta made Colby the most delicious cake. And Michael taught him how to tie the tie on his new suit. Shana made the weekend exciting by announcing that she was having a baby girl! Edie got lots of attention from all the kids and sang Moana songs the WHOLE time (the cutest!). Margot and Mae were SO sweet together. I was in heaven.