Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Little League

Just before we left Alamogordo, we finished an exciting (albeit anticlimactic) season of little league baseball. They pulled Colby up from coach pitch to be in the minors with Nolan, which saved me a lot of running around and I was grateful. It was hard enough to keep up with all the games and practices of one team, especially since I got roped into being the team mom and was put in charge of the snack schedule, and the fund raiser, and the trophies and the team pictures and the end of the season party...sheesh! The one thing that made it worth it though, is watching my boys play ball - I'm a proud (and a loud) baseball mom. Our sad little team never won a single game, but both my boys got some good hits and made some good plays, and those exciting moments were the payoff for all the hard work. Nolan even got to pitch and got a lot of good experience. His dad and I loved cheering him on and watching him improve. Funny though, how most of my pictures are of those of us who sat around watching the games and practices - we must have done a lot of that too :)

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Memorial Day Weekend - Pinetop

The past six weeks or so have been a total whirlwind! We have officially moved and settled in Kansas, but I'll have to get back to that later and try to catch up on what I've let slide since all the packing and cleaning began... This trip was definitely one for the history books. We spent Memorial Day weekend at a cabin in Pinetop, AZ with the Eastmans. It was a pretty place and we enjoyed beautiful weather, but nothing could have been better than the company! Everybody had a best friend and it was the BEST! One of my biggest worries about moving away from home was being separated from Kimber, so I was so glad we had this chance to make some memories together...now if we can just make it an ongoing tradition, I'll be so happy!

If I had to sum up this weekend in a few words it would be these...parks, lakes, snakes, crawdads, merry-go-round, kickball, driveway baseball, wives vs. husbands paddle ball, the Game of Life, Rummikub, candy, chips and cookies, eating out, ordering in, sunday morning pancakes with blueberry syrup, fire roasted marshmallows, loft, sleeping bags, story time, movie night... Sounds heavenly doesn't it?!

And to top it all off, Grandma Wellman happened to be in town. She was visiting and caring for Grandma Brownie who was in the hospital...so we went to see them both. I'm glad we were able to stop by Sugar Camp and the kids were glad that grandma got out the green box :)