Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Branch Christmas Party

Well, the branch (I should say, President Hopkins), put the Elders Quorum in charge of the Christmas party this year. Since Scott IS the Elders' Quorum right now, that meant that he and I were in charge. So, we decided to do things our own way and we made crepes! Actually Scott made all the crepes himself (flawlessly). I made all the fillings and some of the branch members came early to help cook the eggs, bacon and sausage...it was a big hit! The kids (Nolan, Kylee, Colby, Cade & Jeff) gave a live performance of jingle bells (trombone, flute and vocals), Sister Greenlaw prepared a Christmas craft for the kids (reindeer headbands, I think), and Santa paid a visit. Lots of less-actives and a few investigators came. We considered it a success and we were pleased to have pulled it off. We're still getting used to all the over-exposure of being in such a small congregation, but so far it's been really good for us.

Family Pictures

The Gordons set aside some time for family pictures while we were visiting. Janae did the honors once again, for which I was so thankful. She took some great shots (especially of the kids), as you can see. I was so happy to have our family and some of our holiday caught on film.

Thanksgiving 2013

For Thanksgiving this year, we took a trip home to Arizona. We split ten days between our two families. The first half of the week we spent in Phoenix with the Wellmans (and Eastmans), starting with Tanner's mission farewell and a big family gathering afterward. Then we passed a few glorious days and nights playing at the park and the bounce house and / or relaxing and visiting and playing with cousins and best friends. Then we went up to Camp Verde to be with the Gordons for the actual Thanksgiving day and the frenzy of shopping that always follows it. It was wonderful, as usual, to stay with Dave and Nicole and their kids. They always go the extra mile to make us all cozy, and we were. Everyone was happy and well - even the traveling part wasn't too terrible. It was a whirlwind trip surrounded by all the people we love, and brought many reminders about why we are grateful.