Saturday, June 25, 2016

Summer Lovin'!

This summer, I swear, we didn't have a single minute of spare time. Relax? Sleep in? Catch up on my hobbies? Get some work done around the house? Ha! Double Ha! It was go, go, go right from the start...even before we actually went anywhere! Here are a few of the awesome summer memories we made right here in Pratt before all the traveling kicked off.

Nolan and Colby went to Scout Camp (and Scott for half the week). While they were gone, the younger kids and I hit up the Pratt County Fair (never disappoints!). We spent hot days at the cool public pool, of course. Mae enjoyed her very first swimming pool experience and got lots of compliments on her cute suit. The five oldest kids were in the Community Theater Play, Honk Jr. (4 swans and a goose), and best of all...Eric and Laura came to visit!!! They brought my kids some cousins and stayed 3 wonderful days. Nolan and Colby challenged Uncle Eric to a race, as usual, and still haven't grown fast enough to beat him. Mae took a real liking to Aunt Laura, and who wouldn't? She spoiled Mae with lots of love and all the other kids with ice cream sundaes. Eric spoiled me by helping Scott plant trees in our yard. I will forever love summer if it keeps bringing my siblings to my door!

Saturday, June 18, 2016

Bible School 2016

This year the Summer Olympics took place in Rio, Brazil, so we adopted that theme for our Bible School in the Pratt Branch. We made it shorter and a lot more fun-focused this year. The weather (thanks to blessings from Heaven) was just perfect. Each time we have pulled something like this off, I feel a rush of gratitude for, and pride in, my Pratt Branch family/friends. Everyone pitched in and helped once again, and none more than my Scotty. He worked hard before, during and after. I just love him.