Sunday, October 27, 2013

Indian Summer Days


These pictures are from a couple of fun outings we had this fall. One was an Indian-themed Pratt public event at Sixth Street Park (with our friend Beth and her boys), and the other is the Indian Summer Days festival at Medicine Lodge (a neighboring town). So basically, lots of beautiful weather and fun Indian stuff, plus train rides, fake fishing, carnival games, bounce houses and artsy Native-American souvenirs.

Girl Time

Hanna and I stumbled across these fall-colored finger-nail polishes that inspired us to make time for some Halloween mani/pedies. I love how she loves life's little girly things, and gets just as excited about them as I do. She was made for me! And I am oh, so grateful.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Reed's 2nd Birthday

What?! My baby is two? My 5th and probably last baby is not a baby? How and why?! I did not agree to this!!! And not only did I not want this day to come, but I had to buy treats and decorations and pretend to celebrate the occasion... Ridiculous! Well, I am grateful for my little Reedy boy, and so glad that he came to our family, so I guess that's reason enough to build a donut mountain and buy a few presents. These sad-faced pictures are of Reedy trying to patiently wait for daddy to come home so the party could begin. Reed's true loves, even at this tender age, appear to be suckers, hot dogs, sports and that is what we got him. And after we opened presents and pigged out on donuts, we went to the park for some t-ball and kick ball. Reed would count down in a very cute way before he swung the bat..."four, two, one...go!" He whacked it good several times. He seems to have a natural knack for anything that involves a ball. He sure is a happy, funny little guy. I enjoy our story time together every day before naps. He usually picks "Potty Time with Elmo" if you give him the option. We also sing songs and he loves "Itsy Bitsy Spider," though he is terrified of the spider I make with my hand - he will scream and laugh and attempt to take a dive off the bed if I don't restrain him. And each night after family prayers, he takes off running to be the first one in bed (Scott and I crack up every time). I remember wishing with all my heart before Reed was born that he would be a girl. I'm so grateful that Heavenly Father knew how much I needed him and sent him anyway. Happy birthday Reedy!

Colby's Trip With Grandma

Grandma and Grandpa Gordon started a tradition a long time ago of taking each grandchild on a trip when they turn eight. Even with Grandpa gone, Grandma Gordon carries on the tradition and this summer she invited Colby and his cousin Carter to San Diego, California. Colby felt so special to be singled out for such an exciting event and I was so happy for him, even though he didn't show a single sign of separation anxiety before he left or while he was gone! He was also very brave about his first ride on an airplane. Grandma Gordon somehow instinctively knows what makes a kid happy, so she was the perfect one to show those boys around San Diego. They did it all...including Sea World, and Colby now has lots of happy memories to show for it.