Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter 2012

Happy Easter! I love family. I love good excuses to get together. I love General Conference weekend. I love Jesus and I'm glad he lives! This holiday couldn't have been better.

Fun Run

Last weekend was the qualifying Fun Run for the Trek (4.5 miles), and as youth leaders, Scott and I not only had to participate, we had to dress like idiots. I believe the instructions were, "Just try to look as stupid as possible." Don't ever let it be said that we don't magnify our callings :)

It's Official!

Scott's residency is winding down, he took a job (fellowship) in New Mexico, and we're making plans to move there. Scott and I stole away to our new little town a couple weekends ago and did some house hunting and sight seeing. I was pleasantly surprised and impressed! There are even a couple of touristy attractions close by. White Sands and Cloudcroft were way cool.

Here is the surgery center where Scott will be working...

And here a couple cute parks, the space museum, and the zoo.

Anybody wanna come visit?