Monday, August 31, 2009

Goings On

Nolan turned 7 on Saturday. Tips for moms: Toys R Us gives free crowns and balloons to birthday kids, and Sam's Club gives free ice cream sundaes. We (Scott and I) also took him out to dinner and a movie to celebrate. Chili's restaurant I highly recommend; "Shorts" the movie, I highly do not. It was largely about boogers, but for Nolan, it served its purpose. Nolan shares his birthday with his Uncle Paul, and so far I don't think he's had to blow his candles out without him. I hope it stays that way.
Continuing the series of important events, today was my kiddo's first day at his new school. All in all, it went smoothly; except it starts so very early and I now have four kids to get up and out the door (including one tiny one who's bottle-fed). I tried to ease my own burden by telling myself that we don't all have to be dressed - we'll just be dropping Nolan off. But of course his classroom door would be shut and locked and no one would be in sight. Of course I would have to find a place to park the car and it would be too far away from the school for Nolan to walk by himself. Of course it would be too dangerous for me to leave the other kids in the car alone. Of course I would have to go inside with three nappy-haired, half-naked rugrats in tow. Of course I would have to meet the other moms in a wrinkly t-shirt and no make-up. Good news is, Nolan looked picture perfect. And here they are: