Sunday, May 25, 2014

Piano Recital

My big boys are learning piano and doing awesome. They rocked their recital and I was so proud. Nolan played "Home on the Range" (the Kansas state song) and Colby played "Row Row Row Your Boat," quite masterfully. These are some of the best "mom" moments.

ACFAS in Orlando

The greatest thing happened in February... Scott had a podiatry conference at a luxurious resort in Orlando, Florida across the way from Disney World. We decided that he would need some supervision at this particular conference, and I had better tag along. That's not even the best part. Some of our best friends from med school and fellowship met us there (The Spencers and the Boones). So it was like this awesome vacation, minus kids (my fantastic mom watched them for five days), plus friends, that didn't cost much cuz it was all in the name of podiatry! It was the happiest thing ever. One of the highlights was when we all wanted to leave the hotel to go shopping but there were six adults and only one little rental car, so Josh Boone rode in the trunk :)