Friday, March 1, 2013

Random Moments

We woke up to snow on the ground one morning this month, which was a Gordon family first. And here are some other random snapshots of memorable moments from the month of February. There are a few fun pictures of Hanna's glamorous hairdos, inspired by some internet tutorials. And I don't remember why Nolan had on my apron one day, but sometimes you get lucky and capture a picture that really reveals your baby's these pictures do. I also got a shot of my poor, sick Colby after a long night in the emergency room trying to recover from an ugly bout with Croup. And the puzzle was our entertainment while Scott was away interviewing for several days. He came home just in time to finish it off.

Cub Scout Buddies

It's been fun having these boys in Scouts together. Here's their entry for the cake contest at the Blue and Gold Banquet, as well as a few snapshots from the Pinewood Derby last night. It got a little dramatic when fortune pitted them against each other on the race track. Colby's car was a tad faster, which didn't fall lightly on Nolan's ego. I spent the whole evening trying not to be too happy for Colby who took third place over all and couldn't contain his enthusiasm!

Trip To Utah

I spent four wonderful days in cold, snowy Utah last weekend. I got to see my mom in her element at the end of her mission, and I got to give my littler sister Lisa a big squeeze on her birthday. My niece Kaitlyn (who goes to school in Provo), and my sister Chrysta (who gets free flights through her husband's work) were also there. Such lovely company for some genuine girl time. Thanks to the snow, we mostly lounged around indoors eating warm soup and reading books, aside from a little shopping (the highlight of which was the clearance section of Down East Basics and the book section at Deseret Industries).