Thursday, January 24, 2013

Super Kids

Here a few highlights of the amazing things my super kids are up to lately. Reedy has taken a liking to one of Hanna's old dresses. He thinks he's so funny when he wears it, and well, who could argue?

Hanna was selected to be student of the month last week! They honored her at a school assembly and gave her a t-shirt and everything. She was an excellent choice, I'd say.

Here's Hanna and Liam playing dress up. They play and pretend together constantly and it totally warms my heart!

Colby got to go to cub scouts for the first time this week! Doesn't he look awesome in his uniform?!

Nolan's Science Fair was this week, and though I truly dread these kinds of projects, I really enjoyed the time we spent working on it together. It turned out great!

Colby's Birthday & Baptism

I just don't like that my kids are getting older. I just don't. My little Colby is eight?! How? Why?! Well, since I couldn't stop it from happening, I decided to try and make it special. I brought him a breakfast in bunk bed of waffles on top of pancakes; I bought him every Skylander thing that I could find; I put a card and a treat in his lunch box, and I brought cupcakes to his class. That night we went as a family to Smiley's cafe in the mall (a greasy buffet that Colby can't get enough of).

On Sunday January 20th Colby was baptized. All our friends pitched in to make it happen, since very few family could come so far (just Grandma Gordon, to be exact- thank goodness for her!). All went well. Grandma and Nolan gave the talks, Colby's friends Taylor and Tyden offered the prayers and the primary kids provided the music. Brother Spencer, Sister Spotts and Sister Perry were very kind to conduct, lead and play piano for us. Colby invited a couple of families over for dinner, cake and ice cream afterward.

I think very few people know the real Colby, aside from his rough, loud, and rowdy exterior. I hope he will expose more and more each year, the sweet and caring and obedient boy he is inside. Im grateful for the kind compliments and cuddly hugs he gives me, and I know he is not only ready but very worthy of the important step he made to be baptized. Man, do I love that little boy, who's not so little anymore!

New Year and New Brother-In-Law!

New Year's was even more exciting than Christmas this year - I wish I had taken more pictures! We got to spend a good five days at Grandma Gordon's house in Camp Verde, and she spoiled us with presents and took us to the zoo which was so fun. We stayed up with Dave and Nicole on New Year's Eve watching movies and eating caramel popcorn and muddy buddies. Most importantly, I got a kiss from my sweetheart at midnight!

On New Year's Day, we drove up to Flagstaff to meet the Eastmans for a sweet day of sledding. It was perfect weather, perfect snow, perfect people. I was incandescently happy (to coin the phrase)! I hope we get lots more fun days with our favorite friends in the future.

And then it was down to Phoenix for the long anticipated event...Shana's wedding! She married a sweet boy named Michael Bennett in the Mesa Temple. We all like him so much. We especially like THEM together! Their reception was so lovely and pretty much all the credit goes to Lori who lent her house and masterminded the design. Such a happy time!

Friday, January 11, 2013

Very Merry, So Bright!

What a happy Christmas we had. The whole month was go, go, go, as usual. We did our best to squeeze in every work, school and church holiday party or concert. We enjoyed sending and receiving piles of cards and mounds of treats. We had so much fun shopping and wrapping and keeping secrets and opening surprises. We cleaned and cooked and baked for company and I don't think we missed out on a single tradition. On Christmas Eve, the Spencers and the Westovers helped us with the feast and the nativity play. Then the Elders shared a sweet and thoughtful Christmas message. Then after we opened our new jammies and before we went to bed, we took a nice drive to look at lights and luminaries.

I love these years while our kids are young and so easily excited and pleased. They all know exactly what they want, yet none of them expect much and it's so easy to make all their dreams come true in one very thrilling morning! Nolan and Colby got Pokemon cards and Beyblades and baseball equipment. Hanna got barbie dolls and princess dresses. Liam got ninja turtles and his favorite Madagascar movie and a Prince Liam (Ken) doll to go with Hanna's barbies (they love to play together!). Little Reedy got a new ball - his favorite thing in the world! After presents we ate a warm, gooey cinnamon roll breakfast and then brought the leftovers to our new neighbor who had just moved in. Then we lazed around all day, went to the movies, and ate and ate and ate. It was all truly joyful, and we were very blessed.