Monday, October 31, 2016

Halloween 2016

This was definitely a fun one. The kids were all so colorful and cute! I love my kids! I hope they never stop wanting to dress up and relish every holiday tradition together. As you can see...Nolan was Black Panther, Colby was Karate Kid, Hanna was Annie, Liam was Mario, Reedy was YuGiOh and Mae was a little pink pig (also, Scott and I were Trekkies). The branch got involved in a community Halloween event at Lemon Park this year, so we spent hours handing out candy and manning a pumpkin bowling game. Fun to spend Halloween with our branch buddies, though :)

Saturday, October 8, 2016

Special Girl

I just wanted to highlight Hanna because I've been snapping a lot of pictures of her doing what she does best...creating! She is constantly inventing the most wonderful things with her imagination, and then producing them with paper and tape. I love to watch her lead her little brothers in running a salon right out of her bedroom, complete with haircuts and massages. She is just so spectacular...I absolutely ADORE being her mother. That's why I had to treat her to an evening in Wichita at Wicked and Texas Roadhouse with our Clarkson girlfriends. We also recently went to the General session of Women's Conference together. She is the most wonderful sister...always taking care of Mae, even in the middle of the night. Just thinking of her makes me so happy. How did I get so lucky?

Saturday, October 1, 2016

Fall Fun

Well, I happen to have captured a few fun moments we had this fall...First we got away to the zoo and the bowling alley (not to mention Wendy's) in Great Bend with the Hopkins and Clarksons on a fortunate day off of school. Then, when Grandma Gordon came to visit over Conference weekend, we took her to the pumpkin farm in Hutchinson for hay mazes, zip lines and pumpkin launching. Once we got the pumpkins home we painted them as scary as we could to decorate our porch for Halloween! Also, we took a beautiful walk under the changing leaves on Green Trail that was definitely worth documenting. We are so lucky to be able to soak up the seasons out here on our pretty prairie :)