Wednesday, May 11, 2011

It's a Boy!

We are expecting our fifth baby and I admit, I was really hoping for a girl this time. But early in my pregnancy I had a dream that my late father was trying to deliver something to my house and though I was using all my strength to keep him out, he burst through the front door and handed me a baby boy. The strong impression that dream left on me made me realize that this baby was meant for me (us) and I got really excited to meet him. At 20 weeks the ultrasound confirmed what I already knew and I truly shed tears of joy and excitement. I wanted to do something for my kids that night to get them excited like I I made blue pancakes with blueberries and served them with blue milk. When my extremely confused kids asked what was the meaning of this, I told them it was a clue to the mystery in mommy's tummy. Nolan and Colby shouted for joy, and Hanna...well, see for yourself...

Easter 2011

I remember thinking when I was a kid (especially on holidays) that it must really stink to be an adult and I wish I never had to grow up, since kids get all the presents and have all the fun. I was dead wrong. It is SO much better watching your kids get all the presents and have all the fun. Easter was awesome and family makes all the difference. We got to celebrate three times - twice outdoors with dozens of cousins and once all by ourselves on Easter morning. People probably catch me complaining often about how poor we are in dollars, but in family we are rich, rich, rich! And I know that all the money in the world couldn't make me happier than they do. And I know that Jesus Christ conquered sin and death so that we could have those happy, meaningful, satisfying relationships forever - long after this life. I haven't forgotten what this holiday is about and I, among many, am so grateful for Him and celebrate the fact that He is risen!

10 Years Together!

It's fun to look at your life in decades. When you can see a ten-year stage of struggle, tireless work and growth behind you, you feel a real sense of accomplishment. In our ten years of marriage, Scott and I have either completed, obtained or conquered two bachelors degrees, one graduate degree, half a residency, one house and almost five kids - not to mention thousands of happy memories, answered prayers and lessons learned. I wish I could say that after ten years money is no longer an object. Alas, all we could afford to commend the occasion was one night in a mediocre hotel downtown. Still, the dinner, movie and shopping we splurged on was very extravagant compared to our usual forced frugality. These pictures represent a sad attempt to capture a very happy event on Scott's phone. For the sake of my husband and my future posterity, I would like to say that marrying Scott Gordon 10 years ago was not only the best decision I ever made, but also the realization of my fondest childhood dreams, and nothing less than an act of divine providence. Speaking as someone who has the light of the gospel, a bunch of healthy kids and all the comforts of life, I have a lot to be happy about. But if you ask me, nothing feels better than being loved by the one you're in love with.