Friday, December 25, 2015

Christmas 2015

Look at those 6 smiling angels sitting under my Christmas tree! They are the greatest gifts I have ever received (next to their dad). When I look at them and I realize that last year we didn't have Mae, and the year before that we had no intention of having her, I can't believe how close we came to missing out and how blessed we are to be together. Mae partially owes her existence to her older siblings, especially Hanna and Nolan, who kept asking me if we could have a baby sister. Even though I always told them no, their Christlike requests struck a deep chord in me. I didn't know at the time that another baby was what I really wanted too. And I know that her dad feels the same way. He loves our old babies and our new baby SO much. Reed is so enamored with his new sister that he asked for a baby doll for Christmas. He says he loves Mae "bigger than everything!" We are a blessed and happy family. The greatest gifts are people to love, and that's all I can think about this Christmas.

Monday, December 21, 2015

Branch Christmas Party 2015

Well, Scott has perfected the art of making breakfast for the Branch. And not just bacon, sausage and eggs, but over a hundred crepes. He is the hero of the Branch Christmas Party. Which also had an adorable craft a la Sister Rodriguez this year...and a jolly Santa Claus who shall remain nameless. This was Reed's year for Santa lap sitting. He was all business getting his wish list rattled off. And Liam must have reached an age where he was too busy trying to identify the face behind the beard to carry on a conversation. Mae did surprisingly well for a chubby little momma's girl...not a single tear!

Sunday, December 20, 2015

Winter Fun

This winter we kept up the Christmas cookie decorating tradition, Colby earned his Whittling Chip at Cub Scouts, Liam performed adorably at his Winter Choir Concert, Nolan won the Middle School Geography Bee, Mae discovered baby toys and cartoons, and I fell in love with Chalk Paint and old furniture. AND...Grandma Wellman moved in with us! Happy Holidays!