Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Big Reed Turns Five

Oh, I just don't ever want to run out of 5 year olds! What will I do when I don't have a smart, adorable, spunky little 5 year old sidekick anymore? Guess I won't worry about that right now, cuz Reed just turned 5 and we have the whole year ahead of us! What we know about Reed so far is that he is very observant and his brain is a giant sponge of all the information he has gleaned from us, which his mouth in turn regurgitates incessantly. In other words, he's very smart and he never stops talking! He once overheard us speculating about the apocolypse and he wouldn't shut up about it for like 3 weeks (he's also very paranoid). Another time I explained to him that we all are children of God with the potential to become like our Father, and maybe some day we'll get to create worlds of our own. He then wanted to tell everyone he knows what his world will be like when he creates it. I always worry what his preschool teacher must think of us! She told me that he told her that "mommy never stops at stop signs." Who knows what else he's saying to who knows who else! He is such a funny boy, and so loving...I love him so much. He had a nice little pinata party at Lemon Park with his preschool friends and he's been thoroughly enjoying his very first season of soccer, which has been so fun. The bad news is, he also went to the dentist for the first time and surprised us with a shocking number of cavities! Thankfully, he was very patient and brave when he got them filled at Dr. Hopkins office. Happy 5th birthday Mr. Reed! You are SO loved.

Friday, September 9, 2016

Worlds of Fun

When the big kids and I went to Worlds of Fun with the Eastmans, we weren't sure what we were in for. I think we mostly expected a run-down, rip-off amusement park...but it turned out to be a pretty legit place for family fun! We loved it so much that we were impatient to bring Dad and the little kids back there. So that's what we did with our Labor Day weekend after school started. The second time around as a whole family was even more magical than the first. I guess because a mom can't get enough of seeing her kids happy and having fun! Plus it's always magic when we're all together.