Saturday, May 28, 2016

Kansas Tour

For Memorial Day Weekend this year, we put on our tourist badges and spent a whirlwind weekend touring Kansas. First we went south just over the border to Alabaster Caverns for some spelunking. Even as former New Mexicans and Carlsbad veterans, we were impressed. We Gordons love a good cave hike!

Next we were off to Kanapolis Lake where we found a beautiful hiking trail and fulfilled some of our deep-seated and suppressed hiking cravings. It felt so good! We also went to Abilene to eat at The Brookville Hotel and go to the Eisenhower and Carousel Museums (complete with carousel ride). Then on to Lindsborg to play at their fantastic playground and see the Castle on the hill. What happy memories we made. We just keep loving Kansas more and more.

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

School's Out!

Another school year is out, and the weather is finally warming up! We are celebrating by spending some time outside. The kids and I had a picnic by the lake one evening when dad was out of town, and we had our annual end-of-school park play day with Beth and her boys at Lemon's (which we always love). Plus, we have been outside finding wild animals in our own backyard, including snakes, turtles and horny toads, which has helped to kick our summer off with lots of excitement!

Saturday, May 14, 2016

Cub Scout Graduation

We are very proud of our Colby for completing all the requirements to graduate from Cub Scouts to Boy Scouts. Colby loves everything about Scouts and is always happy to be there. We are also very proud of ourselves (Scott and Me) for teaching Nolan and Colby's cub classes (Bears, Webelos I and Webelos II) since we moved here to Pratt and following through until they both were done. Most of all, we are pleased that we get a whole year off before Liam starts Cub Scouts next year! :)

Sunday, May 8, 2016

Mother's Day 2016

This was my first Mother's Day with 6 babies, and the first with an absolute assurance that ALL my babies are here (on this earth), so it was the first chance to celebrate having them all with me and around me...which is really special. I'm so proud to be a woman (a daughter of God), and so grateful to be a mother. Nothing else I could do, and I know I could do a lot, but nothing else would fill me up (challenge me and bring me joy) the way motherhood does. And look at them! Aren't they beautiful?! Each one of them is so unique and so talented and so wonderful. I treasure them with all my heart.

So, once again, I was invited to attend Mother's Day Tea at the preschool with Reedy and he melted my heart with his sweet little songs. And Sunday, Scotty made me dinner and dessert and let me relax all day...lovely.