Friday, September 28, 2012

Reed's 1st Birthday

Look at this handsome kid! I'm so happy that he made it to this big milestone. When I think about Reed's first year, there are a few differences that stand out between him and my other babies. His birth and delivery we're completely dramatic and unexpected. His first few months were a little miserable (he's my only baby that cried all the time and wanted to be held constantly). He also has been a total stinker about traveling. He hates being strapped into the carseat and refuses to sleep while we're driving. On the bright side, though, he has had a very healthy first year. No sicknesses or injuries that I can remember. He is a great sleeper and a hearty eater. The boy LOVES food and his stomach seems to be a bottomless pit! He has the absolute best facial expressions - a hilarious stink face when he's angry and a smile full of dimples when he laughs. And he laughs often! Right now he is very proud to be learning to walk. He struts around panting and squeeling and making sure that everyone notices what a great job he's doing. Reed has definately added something to our house since he was, love, love!

So, we had a little party for him and invited the neighbors. Grandma Gordon also happened to be in town (lucky kid)! He had a big fat piece of cake and opened a few presents. Then played with the bags and boxes for the remainder of the evening. Love that baby. Happy birthday Reed!

Sugar Camp 2012

This started out to be a Labor Day trip to Grandma's house, and turned into a Wellman Family Reunion at Sugar Camp! It was so, so great. To give a brief rundown, we all stayed in trailers (except for Jeff and Mel in a nearby cabin), the kids caught lizards and snakes, we played kickball at the highschool, we tried and failed to fish, we played grey wolf, we worked on the property, and most of all we sat around talking and eating. The thing is, we could have been stuffing links in a sausage factory and I would have been laughing and laughing and totally entertained and happy, because I just love them all so much!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Sporty Spice

This is fun, fun, fun. Not because Hanna is an agressive athlete; neither is she the star player scoring all the goals, but she prances up and down the field so sweetly (and occasionally gets her foot on the ball) and I love watching her enjoy herself so much. Hanna is on a soccer team with nearly all the five and six year olds in our ward (and the Elder's Quorum President is her coach). We're all having a great time attending her practices and games. She's the only one in a sport right now and it's fun to focus on her for a minute.

Balloon Festival

I've always wanted to go to the balloon festival in Albuquerque, so when we found out that Alamogordo does its own rendition on a smaller scale, we were so excited. Being there in person meant getting up with the sun, so I had to stay home with the sleeping little ones, but Scott took the big boys and went down to watch the balloons launch. Colby's buddy Tyden even got to take a ride - lucky!

Nolan's 10th Birthday

Well, it happened - my first child hit the double digits. We're on a slippery slope to teenage-hood. And believe me, he's getting his attitude all ready to go! Still, I don't know what I'd do without this boy. I know I wouldn't make it through a single day, actually. I rely on his help so much, and he is always there for me. He can get kids dressed, take kids potty, get things out, put things away. He carries the baby when my hands are full. He does his chores so willingly, and still gives me lots of hugs and kisses. Oh, how I love him!

Nolan's birthday landed on a school day this year, so we had some yummy gooey danishes for breakfast and a very quick unwrapping of gifts. He had just joined the chess club at school, so he desperately wanted his own chess game (I had to comb through the only 3 stores in town and finally found one at Kmart). We got him some legos as well because he's just so good at legos! Then I put a card and some tic-tacs (his favorite candy right now) in his lunch and off they went. After school he had scouts so I brought his birthday cupcakes there and everyone sang happy birthday to him. It wasn't the magnificent day that he deserves, but we're planning a trip for go-karts and mini-golf very soon.  :)