Friday, June 27, 2014


Here are a few fun pics from our summer activities so far...Zerger Park Pool, Lemon Park, Wichita Mall, home crafts, birthday parties, boating and baseball games!

Hanna's Dance Recital

For me these are some of life's sweetest moments, and every time they come I'm reminded that if I didn't have a Hanna, I wouldn't have up-dos and tu-tus and tiaras and dance recitals in my life, and I'm so grateful! She brings so much sweetness and loveliness to my world. And her recital this year was sweet and lovely :)

Pratt Parade

This was so great. Sister Greenlaw decided that our branch needed to be in the Miss Kansas Day Parade, and we agreed, so we went to work! All it really required was rounding up a banner and some matching t-shirts. President Hopkins let us use his fancy, vintage truck, and then we armed all the kids with candy to throw. Success! Another attempt to put the Church on the map was pulled off! I may complain about the work it requires, but I love being in this little branch, and I think it's so good for our family :)

Pratt Branch Open House

This event was a joint undertaking by mostly Sister Greenlaw and me, but the whole branch pitched in like champs and I was really proud of what we accomplished. We spent months advertising, weeks cleaning and decorating, and on the day of we did our best to represent the Church to our peers in Pratt. Such fun and happy memories already :)