Thursday, May 17, 2012

Mother's Day 2012

Can I just say that I am SO glad someone thought up this holiday! My sweet family tried so hard (and succeeded) to make me happy on mother's day. All day long my kids were kinder and more obedient and if anyone got out of line for a minute all I had to do was say, "but it's all I want for mother's day," and sure enough, I got what I wanted! Scott went especially above and beyond this year. Probably because we didn't have any money to spend on this particular weekend, I got even more spoiled than usual with kindness and service - which is what any mom wants anyway! And actually, I'll be really sad if I ever lose my creative gifts of love to expensive gifts of perfume or whatever. Scott got up early and made me breakfast - delicious crepes from scratch! After church he let me read in bed and nap and be lazy. Then he made my favorite food (chinese) for dinner and was sure not to forget to have a lemon meringue pie on hand afterwards. He did dishes and changed diapers all day, and presented me with the sweetest expressions of love in a card from him and the kids. In the evening we all took a lovely walk together through the neighborhood and I felt so lucky having all those hands to hold. I know a lot of people see me bogged down with all these kids at the grocery store or something and are secretly grateful that they're not in my shoes. If they only knew...

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Swim Lessons & Slumber Party

Must be just about summertime again! Hanna and Liam are taking swim lessons from their kind, generous and talented Aunt Kimber this year. It took about five minutes for Hanna to remember that she already knows how to swim from last year, but this is Liam's first time in the water. He's a little awkward so far, but very brave and well on his way! This session was especially sweet because we shared it with cousins Ashley and Renee, Preschool Buddy Ryland, and best friend Madix (as always).

We also lucked out to be able to squeeze in a cousin's sleep over this month. We traded girls for boys with the Hardins, and that meant two extra princesses in the house for one special night!