Friday, April 1, 2011

Ball Game, Baby

I love our gorgeous weather in the Spring. I love when my husband has a day off, and I love spending time with my family. Also, my dad use to take me to Spring Training games when I was a kid, so I happen to love that too! This was a great day.

Hanna's 4th Birthday

This was an event that was thoroughly thought out and precisely planned by Hanna herself and it was preceded with much anticipation. To break it down neatly, there was some Build-A-Bear, some playground time, a little McDonald's, a few cupcakes and a lot of Madix and Ashley. How sweet! Happy birthday to my darling little girl. You make life SO fun!

We Like to Hike!

My brother Eric led us on the little waterfall trail at the White Tank mountains a few weeks ago. Eric likes to do a lot more than just hike. He has a very adventurous soul and we've been having lots of fun outings with him since his wife started graduate school and he started taking care of the kids full time. Eric has taught me that "I have little kids" is no excuse when it comes to getting outside and being active!