Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Colby's 7th Birthday

Why is my funny little boy getting so old? And why do I have to buy him electronic presents instead of the stuffed bears and toys he used to want? I hate it. I wanted him to stay five forever and he's already all the way to seven. Yuck. Anyway, Scott and I tried really hard to make him especially happy on his big day. I kicked things off with cinnamon rolls from scratch. Then we unveiled the iPod that Scott had hunted down on Craigslist and loaded to the hilt with movies, music and games including The Hulk, which is Colby's favorite. Now he can incessantly geek out with his big brother. We had lunch from Panda Express, spent most of the day at the park playing ball with cousins (Nallys, Wellmans, Hardins), and then had a quiet evening alone with our birthday boy at a fancy restaurant (Chili's!) while grandma watched the other kids. Went to Walmart (where else?) to spend some birthday money, and capped the evening off at home with cake and ice cream and more cousins (Scott, Cheryl & kids). I don't think there's anything else we could possibly have squeezed into the schedule. I love my handsome guy...happy birthday Colby!

I was so busy taking video that I didn't take a lot of pictures. I noticed in the ones I did get, though, that Scott and I are looking a little old and tired!

Missionary Mom

My mom raised ten kids. Six were still living at home (and the youngest was six years old) when my dad passed away. Now the youngest is 20 and a sophomore in college. Since her proverbial nest emptied out, my mom completed some computer training at a tech school and submitted papers to serve a mission. Isn't she something? Her call just came last week...to the Family History Center on Temple Square in Salt Lake City, Utah. I'm so excited I could burst (yet secretly a little glad that it's only for one year)!

Reed's Baby Blessing

My sweet baby Reed was blessed on Sunday, January 8th., and boy did we celebrate. Scott and I spent several months in preparation for this event, grooming the house and the yard to accommodate 100 people for a luncheon. Though most of it is a blur, I think we pulled it off, thanks to a yard full of tables and chairs and the compliance of the weather. And thanks to everyone who brought delicious food to share! After the crowds died down I remembered to pull my camera out, so here are a few pictures of some (nowhere near all) of the people who were there.

My family is a gift and a miracle. I'm astounded that I get to have great friends on top of that! I'm so happy just to be with them. Reed is another welcomed blessing in our lives.

So Very Merry

We had Christmas at home this year with a few special guests. After the Christmas Eve party at the Nallys, my mom and sister Shana came home with us to spend the night. They stayed up late and helped Scott and me to wrap presents, hang stockings and watch "It's a Wonderful Life," which was so nice.

The next morning went down much like you would expect. The kids all got new jammies, a couple of toys and some video games. The most exciting present was the tether-ball pole dad built for them in the backyard.

Even us grown-ups got a few presents. After a tasty breakfast of cinnamon rolls and fresh fruit, we all raced out the door to go to church! It was a quick meeting of mostly Christmas music by the choir...lovely. Then home again with a few friends in tow. Kevin brought over his two daughters D.D. and Kaitlyn as well as a feast of finger foods to snack on while my mom and I made Christmas dinner (ribs, potatoes, salad, rolls and lots of pie for dessert). The weather was glorious! We played outside in the warm sun most of the day. Grandma Gordon stopped by and brought a whole second round of gifts. We were stuffed full of food and fun and happy moments with dear loved ones.