Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Summer Fun

Lakes are fun. Boats are fast. I'm a wimp with a weak stomach, but my husband has a new-found addiction to wake surfing. I'm so glad we got in on a boat birthday party with Kimber and Dave!

Mel Day

I spent a fun day with an old friend at a public pool / water park and we topped it off with lunch at McDonald's. Important Note To Self:  Never be friends with people who are prettier than you and make you look really frumpy in a bathing suit (unless they are really nice and good and fun to be with and you've known them since you were a baby). Thanks for hanging out with us Mel and kids!

Friday, June 17, 2011

Laura's Baby Shower

This is the team that threw together a shower last weekend for my husband's sister Laura (who has a baby girl on the way). I wanted to spotlight this picture because it is a happy memory of some good sister-in-law time. There is something very special about the Gordon family, being mostly made up of boys (Laura is the sole sister at the end of the line-up). So even though all the brothers have an annoyingly close bond and are constantly sneaking off together; and even though all five wives come from different families, we are surprisingly similar, close in age, and get along like great friends. Funny how all the Gordon boys chose brunettes isn't it? And that's not the only commonality we share. All five Gordon children and their five spouses (that makes ten) graduated from NAU; and all five couples were married in the Mesa Arizona Temple. I bet not many families could say that!

Just for Fun


Sometimes we get an itch to do something spontaneous. This was our first time bowling as a family (+ Madix). Totally worth it, and fun for everybody! We even let Liam push the ball down the ramp and he would throw his hands up and cheer for himself when he knocked a pin over. Hanna and Madix kept tap dancing on the wood floor in their little bowling shoes. Nolan was a little wild - he plays all sports with 100% gusto. He kept pitching his ball backwards and/or into other peoples lanes. Good times :)

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

School's Out

It's bragging time!

My cute kindergartner has graduated, and I am so proud of how far he's come in one short year. I've never been able to send my kids to formal preschool. I just try to teach them their letters and make sure they can write their name before they head off to kindergarten. I knew I didn't need to worry about Colby keeping up, though. I've known since he was teeny tiny that he's got some super powered brains in his head. I think he was about 3 when he developed a fascination with dinosaurs and collected a library of facts about all the different species. Then around age 4 or so he announced that he was now a squid scientist and felt it was his duty to inform us how they propel themselves through the water backwards by squirting the water out of their mouths and so forth (I credit all this education to PBS - who says TV's not good for your kids?). Anyway, he comes home from school with new knowledge to spout out every day and he's reading like a pro. His teacher says he's testing at a second or third grade level. This is his favorite friend from class, Abby, and his teacher Mr. Pieper.

Nolan has just completed second grade and is no less impressive. In addition to his completion certificate, his teacher Mr. Lin gave him a special award for being an excellent thinker. I couldn't agree more! The greatest thing that happened at graduation, though, was a complete surprise to me. The school's music teacher got up and said that even though she had many students and many classes, she had only chosen two students to receive awards - one boy and one girl. Then she called Nolan up to accept his award as musician of the year! I almost fell out of my seat! I felt really guilty too, though. Apparently he's got a talent that I have not been nurturing. Better get that boy some piano lessons or something.

Here's Nolan with Ian and Mr. Lin...