Monday, October 31, 2011

Wild West Festival

My sisters and I were looking for something fun to do with the kids during Fall Break and we were tipped off to the Wild West Festival going on in Glendale. We could have (and probably should have) gone to the state fair for the amount of money we spent, but I think the kids were none the wiser. They thought it was great...

Nolan rode the zip line.

Colby got his face painted.

There were races...

Go Hanna!

And everyone rode the train...Over and over and over again :)

It was hot!

Friday, October 7, 2011

My Baseball Boys

These are fun days for me (even though it adds about 4 additional obligations to my schedule each week). I love watching my boys play ball. Their accomplishments are meager at these young ages, but they might as well be in the major leagues - I get so excited! Colby has a natural batting stance and a nice, comfortable swing. He gets a hit every time he gets up to bat. When he pounces onto first base and starts jumping for joy, I do a little jumping myself! Nolan has a strong arm and is already being played as the pitcher. Since this was not something we suggested or encouraged, Scott and I were pleasantly surprised to watch him actually striking people out! He also hit a home run at his first game. He may have obtained it off of overthrows and errors, but I seriously had to resist the urge to carry him off the field on my shoulders...what an all-star!