Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Christmas Cookies

You know that feeling you get when December hits, like you're standing on a platform and the Christmas train is whizzing by and you better jump on or you're gonna miss it?! I swear no matter how many traditions we indulge in, I feel like we're missing or forgetting ten others.  Anyway, this one landed in my lap and I'm glad it did. I was at my sister's house yesterday and her husband was making gingerbread dough (yes, he spontaneously does that and many other festive things which I love and admire). So, I talked him into giving me a chunk of it, and I brought it home (as well as a few of his cute cookie cutters) and had a classic Christmas family night with my favorite people. For someone like me who stresses out about getting enough Christmas in before it's over, it was so satisfying. If we don't make it back on the Christmas train for the rest of the month, at least last night we had one good ride!

Giving Thanks

I only ever really wanted two things - to be a wife (with the stipulation that I would fall madly in love with someone who was madly in love with me) and to be a mother. Having had the happiest possible childhood experience in a big happy family, all I wanted for myself as an adult was just that - a big, happy family. Now that I have all that I fondly dreamed of since I was a girl, I get pretty choked up when I think about how lucky I am. I pray every day (at least twice) that we'll always be safe and well, and that we'll always be together. And since I'm totally dependent on Jesus Christ for those things to remain possible, I get a little choked up when I think about Him too. Since it's that thankful time of year, I feel inclined to give credit where it's due. Gifts like these could only come from God, and I'm so grateful to Him.

Monday, November 21, 2011

A Backyard is Born

We've owned our home for 6 years and this is what the backyard has always looked like. Our excuses were these: Scott's too busy to work on it, Tami's not cut-out for yard work, we can't afford to pay a landscaper, etc. After a few years of griping, nagging and procrastinating, I just threw some sand toys back there and gave up hope. When fall hit the valley this year (with a heap load of gorgeous weather), and we added one more noise maker to the ranks of our cooped-up kids, I decided I would wait no longer. I must have a yard. I must! I prayed that God would provide a way. I demanded that my husband make it happen. I think Eric's willingness to help gave him extra motivation. (My threats to open a credit card and pay for it myself probably motivated him too.) But he did it! And he did it so well. I have bright green grass and a planter for vegetables, and my quality of life has already improved ten fold. Thank you Eric, Scott and Phillip for helping! I LOVE my new backyard.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Halloween 2011

Our Halloween was, as usual, an extended event. We attended two parties in addition to the actual trick-or-treating, ate more candy than I care to mention, and took more pictures than I care to post. Here are the highlights. First off, take a look at the fantastic costume that Nolan and I made together and he later refused to wear...

When he suddenly decided, on the night of our church Trunk or Treat party, that he was too embarrased to wear this in public, his Grandma Wellman ran out and bought him a motorcross costume that seemed to satisfy. Thank heaven she was there to save the day and to help me out with the kids at the party (Scott was off scouting with the young men that night - although, I got a couple pictures of him before he left).

And here are our fun friends and trunk buddies, the Levanders...

Darah made that cute pumpkin hat for Reed. All the kids were SO cute in their costumes.
Then there was the family party. Always awesome.

Chrysta's husband Jonny was able to prevail in the potato sack races this year, which was exciting because usually no one can beat Eric. I love living so close to family - they make the holidays so great :)