Monday, December 10, 2012

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

The Tree is Up!

So, we had to toss our fakey Christmas tree a couple years ago since a stray cat got stuck in our garage over night and peed all over it. We've been using loaners from family for a while, but no family close by this, I sent Scott out early to hit the sales on Black Friday. He came home with this winner, and here are a couple shots of him putting the star on the top. I love my Scotty - he's such a huge help and a good sport for all this holiday stuff.

Thanksgiving White Sands

Here is the other fun part of our holiday. Had to take the relatives to White Sands! I told you I would have a lot of these pictures...can't help it!

Thanksgiving 2012

This was our first Thanksgiving away from family, and therefore, the first time that the burden of cooking a turkey has fallen to me. This may not be an intimidating thing for the average wife and mother, but for someone who has a hard time cooking a basic casserole (me!), it was a nerve-racking challenge. I didn't want to bug my mom (who's on a mission) or my sisters (who are out of town and busy with their own dinners), so I did a lot of research online - how to make turkey and gravy mostly. I saved myself some stress by buying frozen rolls and pies. The mashed potatoes and sweet potatoes were no-brainers and the stuffing was courtesy of Stove-Top. Other than that, all we needed was some guests! I'm happy to report that we found some good ones. Sofia and John and their relatives who were visiting made a great group. They brought some beautiful table cloths and a delicious salad. I loved every minute of it! And of course, I am so THANKFUL that everything turned out well and we were blessed to be able to share the holiday with friends.


Turkey Day at Yucca School

Such fun. One day this November the kids' elementary school served a Thanksgiving lunch and invited parents to come and eat at the cafeteria. Scott even left work so he could join in. I loved seeing them in their element and they were SO excited to see us!