Friday, May 31, 2013

Carlsbad Caverns

So, we're trying to squeeze out every last drop of the New Mexican experience that we possibly can, and we couldn't leave this state without going to Carlsbad to see the Caverns. Inspite of a rocky start (Scott and I had a blowout fight in the morning) and a yucky drive (Nolan got carsick and puked half the way), the rough spots smoothed themselves out and our trip had a very happy ending. Let me sum it all up by saying...Carlsbad Caverns are cool. Really cool! As a family, we've taken a real liking to hiking and exploring and this was the best of both. It was also very cool to watch my husband walk into a pharmacy, flash his medical license and walk out with a serious anti-nausea prescription (the perks of med-school are finally kicking in), and once Nolan popped some of those pills he felt great for the rest of the day!

Friday, May 10, 2013

Baby Shower - Spring Break Continued

One of the reasons we went home for Spring Break was because several big family events were going on, one of which was Chrysta's baby shower. The Wellman girls worked their usual magic and everything went swimmingly. I love me some sister time.

And then, on the very last day, at the very last minute, Scott flew in and went with me and the kids to two different wards on Sunday - one so we could hear Trevor Nally's homecoming talk and the other so we could see Laura and Phillip's baby be blessed. We got to meet two brand new Gordon nieces that were born since we moved to NM - Savannah and Maisley. Cute, cute.

Camp Verde - Spring Break Continued

I should mention here that before we headed up to Camp Verde to see the Gordons, I spent a long, hot day fixing, repairing and working at our Buckeye house. My brother Eric was with me the whole time and willingly did lots of ugly jobs on my behalf (including slaughtering a live pigeon who had commandeered one of the eves on our roof). Eric's always doing nice things for me - I love my sweet brother.

So when we got up to CV and the kids could spread out and play and hang out with Grandma, I was able to get in a few days of some quality relaxation. For me, it was the most vacationy part of our vacation. We did some fun sight-seeing too - at Montezuma's castle and Montezuma's well. The weather was GORGEOUS!

Before we left CV we went to visit the Pierce's, some old friends of Scott's. My kids had a great time harassing their farm animals :)

Kimber's House - Spring Break Continued

First off, we spent a couple of heavenly days with my best pal who I love like a sister and have missed like crazy. She was kind enough not only to feed and house us, but also to pull her kids out of school for a day so we could party - and boy, did we...Lunch at Chick Fil-A, a nice long afternoon at Pump it Up (an indoor bounce park), and then out for ice cream. But not just boring old cones, the kind where each kid gets a giant cup, picks their favorite flavor and then piles on whatever toppings they want. My kids were drunk on fun and sugar! That night Kimber's husband Dave babysat so that she and Darah and I could go out to dinner. Man! I should go to Kimber's more often!