Friday, February 24, 2012

Firestation Field Trip

This is Hanna's preschool class. I'm in a teaching co-op with six other moms in my neighborhood. It's been so fun planning lessons for this group and spending this time with Hanna. Have I ever mentioned that I LOVE having a little girl? Especially THAT little girl! Anyway, we recently took a field trip to the fire station and here are a few pictures. Liam's not technically in the class, but he sure had a good time tagging along! And I made sure to get a close up of Hanna with her first crush, Ryland.

Fun Things in February

Just a couple of cute things that I wanted to remember from this month...

This picture is from a couple weekends ago when Scott took the kids jogging with him. He often gets out and goes running on Saturday mornings and the kids always mimmick him while he stretches and beg to go with him. He usually says, "no, no, no," and takes off. But this time he said, "sure!" He even got them all suited up and fully equipped with music devices and ear phones. Then they all ran down the street and around the block. You should have seen the smiles on their faces! It made me so happy.

And this is a picture of a sign that Scott and I found on Nolan and Colby's bedroom door. If you can't read it, it says, "Stay out! We have a meeting!" We asked them later what their meeting was about and they said it was an "ipod meeting." They're so funny. They just had to close the door and take a moment to discuss and compare ipods. I love how they love to play and how they are perfect friends for each other.